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Stock Market Online Training Services in Chennai
Intraday Online Training
Intraday Online Training
Intraday Online Training
Intraday Online Training
Intraday Online Training
Intraday Online Training in Chennai
Intraday Online Training in Chennai
Stock Market Online Courses
Stock Market Online Courses
Stock Market Online Courses

Level 01 ( for beginners )

Technical Analysis

This program has been designed to provide an understanding of the usage of technical analysis as a tool to enhance the trading / investing decision making process. Technical analysis is the best for those who want to know 'when to buy' & 'when to sell' and improving market entry-exit timings. This is the only Course / Seminar where you can learn very simple techniques which can be applied in real time.

This programme is suitable for short term investors. Not for day traders.

Benefits of Course/Seminar:

• you can select whether stock market is suitable for you or not
• learning of technical analysis
• Learn professional trading techniques which are helpful in any type of market.
• Learn money management
• Learn risk management.
• Ours is one day live market class to give you practical exposure.

Course Module

- About Financial market
- About financial instruments
- About equity market
- Technical analysis and chart analysis
- Derivatives – futures and options
- Risk management, money management

live market session - free

Registration fee - Rs. 500/-
Day - friday only
Seminar Duration – 09.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m

Advance Level – 02 (exclusively for day traders )


Intraday Online Training

1.Trading Psychology, the 14 Stages of Investors Emotions
Normally, stock markets works based on assumption that traders enters the market in order to increase their profit while ensuring their loss is kept to a minimum. While this holds good in theory, in practical share trading, markets did not function on this theory. Traders have their emotions. Every one bounds to react based on emotion. While in normal life or situation in won’t affect much. But when you take decisions while you are high on emotion, their decision making may get clouded by their emotion. It will affect their profit and loss in turn.
While it is tough to conquer their emotions, investors should learn the various stages of emotion they may go through as a investor in highly volatile stock market and they should understand how the emotion will cloud their decision making ability and results of the clouded decisions. There is common psychology that contains 14 stages of emotion that investor may go through in the stock trading. In Intraday online training in Chennai we will guide and let you understand how to tame the emotional roller coaster and thus by increasing the chances higher earning for them. The fourteen stages are:

  1. Optimism – This is related to the positive outlook about the stock market. This will encourage the investor to buy shares in the stock market and earn profit.
  2. Excitement – This is when the investors moves such as buying or selling the share earn them profit, it will make them understand how much they can accomplish in the stock market.
  3. Thrill – They will feel they are one of the smart investors and will feel on the top of the stock market.
  4. Euphoria – Exactly this is the point when the things may go upside down for a new investor. With their initial moves fetching more money, they may tend to get excited and ignore the market risk and will expect each trade to fetch maximum profit.
  5. Anxiety – When the market is against the investors and investors expecting losses, they may console themselves saying they are long time investors and this won’t affect them.
  6. Denial – When the market did not come up again and still going down, investors may not know how to react in this situation and will still live in denial mode about the impending loss they may occur.
  7. Fear – This is worst case scenario when they feel market won’t come up again .
  8. Desperation – This is the stage when they don’t have any real idea how to come up , they will tend to react to every advice they may get.
  9. Panic – This is the stage of cycle when they don’t have any more ideas to work out and may feel they incurred heavy loss and may not come up in market.
  10. Capitulation – After going through panic, they think their portfolio won’t recover and will start to sell all their shares.
  11. Despondency – is the time when the investors faced with loss and sold all their shares, won’t ready to enter in to the trading again. This marks important stage of financial opportunity.
  12. Depression – This is the point of time they don’t know how to react or what to do and keep thinking about their actions and recursions.
  13. Hope – This is the stage of the cycle when one realizes that this is normal in stock market cycle and will wait for their next big opportunity.
  14. Relief – This is the final stage when one gets their faith back in the stock market when their portfolio begins to be profitable .

2. Risk management

3. Money management

What is the special in our training programme

  1. Minimum investment maximum profit
  2. Minimum loss, maximum profit
  3. Training based on human psychology in stock market
  4. Easy to understand and easy to apply in real time market.
  5. Ours theory is named “ ARIVAMUDHAN THEORY ” which is based on spot nifty movements.

CourseFee - Rs.5,000/- (including lunch)
Duration - 09.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m

day - every thursday

Stock Market Online Courses